Lab Alumni

  • Kyungin Kim

    Kyungin was the Kumar Lab manager in 2015. He is currently a graduate student at Sungkyunkwan University in Korea.
  • Luke Gehman
    Summer Student

    Luke Gehman was a summer student working in Dr. Kumar's lab in 2015. Luke is interested in neurobiology, particularly the mesolimbic reward pathway and how it interacts with drugs such as cocaine. This summer, he is working with Dr. Kumar to uncover genetic factors controlling sensitized cocaine response in mice using QTL analysis. Luke will be a senior at Macalester College next year, majoring in biology. After graduation in 2016 he will take a year off prior to starting graduate school 2016 - Luke Graduated from Macalester and is working in the Maniatis Lab at Columbia University Medical Center.

  • Molly Herman, Summer Student Program 2016

    Molly will be a senior at American University majoring in neurosciences. This summer she is working on behavioral characterization of the hyperactive ENU mutant line Crichton.

  • Stephen Price, Summer Student Program 2016

    Stephen is a rising Senior at Phillips Exeter Academy who is passionate about mathematics and computer science. He is a two-time USA Junior Mathematics Olympiad qualifier and has had extensive experience competing on his school’s math team. In his past summers, Stephen has conducted data analysis research at the Texas Mathworks Honors Summer Math Camp, and now he is working on applying his data analysis skills within the Kumar Lab. Specifically, Stephen is focusing on analyzing the impact environmental variables have within the International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium data, and he hopes that his research can be used to improve international policy regarding mouse phenotyping. Beyond his research work, Stephen loves to dance, play squash, and make bad puns. Stephen is headed to Carnegie Mellon University as a Computer Science Major. CMU is one of the best CS programs in the country.

  • Ben Walton, Research Intern

    Ben is a fourth year biomedical engineering major at UMaine, Orono. Ben is working on integrating video and Peizo data for mouse feature extraction.