Definition of Behavior

Turn behavior is when a mouse changes directions. It can happen when the mouse is moving or when it starts from no movement. It can also occur after rearing on wall. The change in direction varies in amount. Sometimes a mouse can carry out a U-turn and at other times, it’s a slight change in direction.


Number of Mice

Turn classifiers are trained on single mice. They have not been validated for multiple mice. Theoretically they should work since this is an autonomous behavior, but this is an assumption. 


Cross validation

We tested various window sizes with XGBoost.



Left Turn
window size 5
Right Turn
window size 5
Mean 90.8%
Median 92.7%



Left Turn
window size 5
Right Turn
window size 5
Mean 89.7% 92.2%
Median 89.5% 95.1%


Concordance from Keith

These are metrics for “how much does Vivek’s and Leinani’s classifiers overlap during inference”

Data from here [ ( ]

When one of us calls the behavior – here is the overlap for the other person. This is on a frame by frame basis and is quite conservative.

Sample Videos

This link contains long videos from Keith Sheppard.

Snippet Videos


Both classifiers work, Vivek’s classifier tends to find just the core of turning, while Leinani’s detects frames that are in the beginning and end of turn behavior. A bout of Vivek’s turn tends to be within a bout of Leinani’s turn behavior.