I joined the Kumar lab in May 2022 as a postdoctoral associate. In the Kumar lab,  I am continuing my adventure in neuroscience of motivation and reward circuit. I did my PhD in opioid modulation of motivated behaviour in zebra finches from National Brain Research Centre, India under the guidance of Prof. Soumya Iyengar. My plan in the Kumar lab is to explore the neural circuit of addiction focussing on how specific genes can affect this circuit in different brain regions and specific cells of the reward circuit such as NAc, VTA, and others. As a future researcher in this field, I see myself integrating neurophysiology, behaviour and genomics with computational approaches and collaborative work to seek answers. With excellent infrastructure, resources, and support at the Jackson Laboratory, I am determined to contribute something in the field of drug addiction during my tenure as a postdoc. Outside lab, I am a nature and adventure loving person; like cooking, gardening, craft and many other hobbies, I cannot do justice in terms time. My favorite time in lab, other than work, is lunch and coffee breaks with lab mates and the Kumar lab hikes in summer.